2018 Community Supported Art (CSA) Program Call for Applications

Markus Krueger shows off his block and tools for his CSA print. 2016

Markus Krueger shows off his block and tools for his CSA print. 2016

The Arts Partnership will hold two informational meetings at the end of July so that artists can learn more about this program: Tuesday, July 25 at 8 am and Thursday, July 27 at 5:30 pm.  Both meetings will be held at APT, TAP’s arts incubator located at 225 4th Avenue North in Fargo.  Please note that the deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

The Arts Partnership’s Community Supported Art (CSA) Program is modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture program. TAP’s CSA also operates under the goals of being local, sustainable and community-driven. The motivation: introduce arts supporters to local artists and help build audiences and purchasers for their work.

Throughout each CSA season, 50 shareholders receive a total of nine art experiences, works and tastes over three events held in May, July and September. To date, we have awarded $71,125 to 57 artists for the creation of the art shares, which range from ink drawings to artisan jewelry to musical presentations.  More than 150 individuals and their guests have participated as shareholders, and many are multi-season shareholders.

We invite performing artists, visual artists and culinary artists to participate in this application process. Selected artists receive a stipend of $1,500 to assist with the production costs of the artwork, food or performance. However, the stipend is only a small portion of the benefit of participating in this program. Artists will be introduced to 50 invested shareholders plus their guests – shareholders who will spread the word about your talents. Past CSA artists have received commissions, been offered adjunct teaching positions, created solo exhibitions and been contacted for additional art solely from the CSA experience.

We are proud to have adapted a program that funds artists, arts organizations and culinary artists and connects them to new audiences, excites a growing community of arts supporters and continues our mission of cultivating the arts in our community.

The Low Brass Quintet from the Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies. 2013


Deadline: 5:00 p.m. Thursday, August 31, 2017

Submission Instructions: Materials should be sent electronically to Tania Blanich, Director of Operations, at tania@theartpartnership.net. Actual samples of the art need to be submitted in person to TAP’s offices at 1104 2nd Avenue South, Suite 315 in Fargo by the deadline.

Eligibility: Visual artists, artisans, writers/poets, performing artists and organizations, and culinary artists who live and/or work in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area. Any artist, excluding culinary artists, who has participated in a previous CSA program must wait two CSA seasons before applying again. (For example, 2016 participants cannot apply until the 2019 program.)

Stipend: Each selected artist receives $1,500 for the creation of 50 art shares. The full stipend and delivery dates and arrangements will be made upon the sale of all 50 shares of the CSA season.

Guidelines and Selection Criteria

For each CSA season, the selection committee chooses the nine proposed art works, tastes and experiences that show a clear connection to the theme of the CSA (with its emphasis on agriculture, harvest, bounty), however subtle. The nine art shares break down into the following categories:

  • 3 culinary art shares
  • up to 3 performing arts/arts organization shares
  • 3-6 visual (2-D and 3-D)/wearable/usable art shares

Actors and playwright Raymond Rea getting ready to do a reading from Ray’s play under incubation with Theatre B. 2014

Required Application Materials: Please submit the following materials via e-mail to tania@theartspartnership.net.

  1. A brief artist’s statement and proposal for the work you would create for the CSA program. (one-page maximum)

Consider the following:

  • Why is this art/performance/menu a good fit for the CSA program?
  • What does it mean to “harvest ”? How does the proposed work connect conceptually to “bounty” or other themes related to the concept of CSA?
  • Discuss the materials you will utilize and their connection to our region.
  • How might your proposed art allow you to plant the seeds for your own future artistic harvest?
  1. Resume (appropriate to your work as an artist)
  1. Samples of Your Current Work
  • Visual Artists: 4-6 images at 72 dpi jpegs, 900 pixels or less in the longest direction.
  • Musicians: 3 MP3 audio files
  • Performing Arts: links to 3-5 video examples of your work hosted at an outside site, for example, YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Writers/Poets: 3-5 writing samples (no more than 10 pages total) in either PDF or Word format.
  • Culinary Artists: 3-5 sample or actual menus that showcase how you have or would creatively serve 100 people, and ways that you would present it.
  1. Sample CSA Work

Visual Artists, Writers and Artisans

  • One full-sized sample of your proposed CSA artwork. (This will be returned to you.)
  • The sample should be in a complete, final format to your satisfaction at the time of application. Please note: The selection committee reserves the right to ask for modifications to your proposed piece before accepting your work.

Performing Artists/Organizations

  • Describe in detail what you/your organization will be performing as a share of art during the actual CSA event.
  • The performance should be 20 minutes in length.
  • Please note: space is generally limited at the events, so keep that in mind when deciding how many people will participate; for example, a chamber orchestra rather than the full symphony or a pas de deux rather than a full corps de ballet.

Culinary Artists

  • Provide the menu and design concept for the food portion of the event (plan for 100 people).
  • Consider how you will present your food and what accommodations will be given to meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant.
  • Discuss where the food will be prepared (must be in a professional kitchen).
  • Remember that all dishes and serving is part of this stipend.

Cabbage prints created and hand-framed by Emily Williams-Wheeler. 2012

Applications received after 5:00 pm on Thursday, August 31, will not be considered. You do not need to be a current Primary Artist Partner of The Arts Partnership to apply.

Selected artists will be notified by Friday, September 8. The selection committee reserves the right to put out another call for artists if necessary.

If you are selected, we hope you will join us for the final CSA 2017 party in late September, where we will announce next year’s share artists. More information to follow upon acceptance.

An edible garden from culinary artist Nancy Olson. July 2015.

The jury will consider these criteria when reviewing applications:

  • Can 50 shares of this proposed visual art be made?
  • Is this culinary art share unique and not found on menus in town?
  • Does this performance piece have a special quality that cannot be heard or seen anywhere else in your season?
  • Do the work samples represent a level of high quality but also something not currently shown, served or performed in the community by the artist?
  • Is the project proposal representative of the artist’s/organization’s body of work as well as take into consideration the format—physical size, number and distribution?
  • Is the proposal feasible? No additional support beyond the $1,500 stipend will be available and the deadlines are fixed.
  • Though the work may and can absolutely be functional, is it original? In other words, is it not commercial, appearing to be mass-produced, or work of the artist that has been seen before? This must be art, food or an experience that is exclusive to this CSA program. Any additional use of this art, food or performance must be approved by The Arts Partnership in writing for the next full year from your party date.

Executive Director Dayna Del Val holds up the first-ever collaborative print from Eric A. Johnson (L) and Kent Kapplinger (R). 2014

Shares of CSA art, by season:


  • Andrea Baumgardner/BernBaum’s, Culinary
  • Fargo-Moorhead Opera, vocal performance
  • Tara Fermoyle, ceramics
  • Tyler Gefroe, architectural sketches
  • Steve Knutson, printmaking
  • Ryan Nitschke/Luna, culinary
  • Nancy Olsen, culinary
  • Bob Schlomann, photography
  • Benjamin Sung and Jihye Chang Sung, violin and piano performance


  • Andrea Baumgardner/BernBaum’s, culinary
  • Warren Kessler, pen sketches
  • Markus Krueger, printmaking
  • Jillian LaDage, celtic world vocalist
  • Catie Miller, ceramics
  • Ryan Nitschke/Luna, culinary
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary
  • Marjorie Schlossman, painter and Karen Kahoutek, poet
  • Scott Seiler, photography


  • Phil Edwards, culinary
  • Angela Eklund, multi-purpose bag
  • Dan Jones, painting
  • Lyra Trio, classical piano, violin and cello
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary
  • Vic Pellerano, singer-songwriter
  • Cameron Peterson, printmaking
  • Jon Solinger, photography
  • Joe Swegarden, culinary


  • Bangkok Corner, culinary
  • FM Ballet, ballet
  • Eric A. Johnson/Kent Kapplinger, printmaking
  • Kim Jore, painting
  • Tim Lamey, photography
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary
  • Raymond Rea and Theatre B, theatre
  • Amber Parsons, ceramics
  • Eric Watson/Rustica, culinary


  • Karen Bakke, painting
  • FM Area Youth Symphonies, orchestra
  • Stevie Famulari, leather jewelry
  • Eric A. Johnson, printmaking
  • Jill Johnson, painting
  • McCal Joy Johnson, rare wood coaster
  • Erica Lorentzsen and Meredith Lynn, drama and handmade book
  • Kim Malakowsky, soap
  • Emily Williams-Wheeler, painting


  • Brad Bachmeier, ceramic
  • Carmen Bruhn, printed tile
  • Jill Johnson, wax bas relief of monkey face
  • Ann Arbor Miller, photography
  • Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society, cabbage concrete birdbath
  • Karman Rheault/Dennis Krull, photography and metal work
  • Theatre B, theatre
  • Chelsea Thorson, concrete tape dispenser
  • Emily Williams-Wheeler, cabbage print

The Arts Partnership purchased the Community Supported Art template from Springboard for the Arts in St. Paul and adapted it to best fit our community.