Our strategic plan


                      This year we are striving to:

I.  Be a strong, collective voice for our Partners.

A)    Develop a communications model and strategy informed through community engagement.
B)    Become the central communications hub for amplifying the arts in our community.
C)    Raise awareness of the value/importance of the arts in our community.

II.  Be a catalyst for collaboration.

A)    Engage businesses and organizations in the work of improving the livelihood of artists.
B)    Facilitate events and networking for artists.
C)    Facilitate community engagement with art.
i. Develop a Public Art Committee.

III. Exemplify best non-profit business practices.

A)    Demonstrate fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
B)    Develop clear business strategies that support our strategic initiatives.
C)    Systematize board and organizational procedures.
D)   Facilitate an engaged Board of Directors.

IV.  Be transparent and responsible in granting and re-granting activities.

A)    Review and align tri-city re-granting philosophy and practice with strategic plan.
B)    Establish a strategy with funding for grant program(s) outside of the tri-city scope.