Artist‐In‐Residence Program

For more information or to signal your interest, contact Tania Blanich, Grants & Programs Coordinator, at tania@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133.


The Artist-in-Residence program offers a unique opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in a non-traditional exhibition space. Each artist participates in at least one employee engagement activity at the corporate headquarters, which allows them to reach and interact with an audience that is art-appreciative but not necessarily art-articulate. Additionally, TAP creates a short video of each participating artist, which the artist may use for promotional purposes.

Businesses participate in the program because they want to cultivate a corporate environment in which creativity thrives and enhances the lives of all its staff members.  The Artist-in-Residence program allows a business to surround their employees with art through rotating exhibits and to encourage outside-the-box thinking by connecting their employees to the artistic process.

Artists receive a minimum stipend of $250 for participating in the program. Each corporation’s program is tailored for their corporate environment, so stipends vary.

The stipend is only one benefit of participating in this program. If selected to participate, the artist receives:

  • Professional development. Working closely with a curator to shape the exhibit helps work out new ideas or refine a longer-term artistic approach.
  • A profile piece on TAP’s blog and e-newsletter and other promotion through social media outlets.
  • A short video about the participating artist, created by TAP, posted to TAP’s website and provided to the artist and corporation.
  • Potential Art Sales. Although sales are not a primary purpose (nor conclusion) of the exhibit, it is possible that the corporation itself or individual employees may wish to purchase art. The artist receives 90% of the sales price; TAP retains 10% for administrative purposes.

This program is open to artists who work or live in the Metro area, or who are Primary Arts Partners with The Arts Partnership in good standing. For more information or to signal your interest, contact Tania Blanich, Grants & Programs Coordinator at Tania@theartspartnership.net.