The Arts Partnership (TAP) has an open/on-going call for Metro-based and near-regional artists interested in participating in ArtWORKS, a program that fosters creativity and mindfulness by placing art in the public realm.  Participating artists have the opportunity to reach and interact with an audience that is art-appreciative but not necessarily art-articulate.

The focus of the program is primarily on solo exhibitions for visual artists working in 2-D. However, we also are looking for performing artists, musicians, writers, poets and artisans who could lead an employee engagement activity for those businesses and corporations interested in deepening their commitment to creativity in the workplace.

Find out more in the ArtWORKS Call for Artists.

ArtWORKS Application Form

Questions? Contact Tania Blanich, Director of Operations, at tania@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133.