Five reasons to hit up the Spring Gala if you’ve never gone

Plains Art Museum Spring Gala
Saturday, May 4, 7 p.m. – midnight
Tickets: $100

Held the first weekend of every May, the Plains Art Museum’s Spring Gala continues to uphold a stellar reputation for being one of the premier social events in the Fargo-Moorhead area. But you’re still on the fence to go. There’s this other thing going on and your babysitter is on the fence and so on and so forth, and you’re just not sure if it’s worth the time and money.

Well, since we’re in the business of encouraging you to get out and experience the arts community, you know what we’re going to suggest to you. But, since you’ve read this far already, indulge us with a handful of beyond-the-boilerplate reasons why we think you should get out to the Gala this year, especially if you’ve never gone.

1. Winter was hard. And long. We weathered one of the worst winters ever this year, and you deserve to let your hair down and have some fun. The Gala features music, food, libations, and all kinds of goodies and treats to make for a fun-filled evening of spectacle and delight. Once you rack up the value of dinner, drinks, and so on, it also might qualm any sticker shock at the ticket price.

2. An excellent overview of local visual artists. There are a number of big group shows that go on throughout year, like the FMVA‘s Big Show or the Midwestern at the Rourke, and the Gala silent auction comes just as highly recommended. Even if you don’t walk out the door with anything, you’ll still have the chance to see one of the most definitive groupings of work by prominent artists in the FMWF area. That’s almost reason enough to go on top of all the offerings of Gala night.

3. A fantastic turnout from the artist community. While people from all walks of life attend the Gala, the chance to meet the many artists who attend is a big plus (and we encourage striking up conversations with artists). Since a lot of Gala attendees dress in costume and since artists put their considerable creativity to use on their getups, you’re also bound to see some incredible outfits.

4. It’s about the coolest place to party. Ever. Underneath the decor and goodies of Gala night exists one of the most beautiful building interiors in the region. All of the glitz of Gala night is why you go, but the museum itself is what makes Gala night truly special.

5. It’s an easy and fun way to support the PAM. Running a full-service, accredited fine arts museum is not cheap. It requires sophisticated climate control, specialized staff, and a lot of hard work to maintain, but the tradeoff is having a museum that will educate our children, offer us enlightening experiences, and expand our horizons. If you rarely go to the museum otherwise, if you’re not a member, if you don’t even care for art that much but still respect the role it plays in our development and community health, then this is about as painless a way as you can get to support what happens there.

Have fun, stay safe, and we’ll see you Gala night!

Image: via Plains Art Museum.

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