Walking, Waiting, Wondering, Words: a public poetry project

The venues for poetry tend to be limited. Aside from a classroom, our own chairs and couches, or the occasional performance space, our exposure to poetry tends to be limited.

But, what if you could find poetry while walking your dog, or riding a bike with one of your kids? A new program from the Arts Partnership and the City of Fargo plans to do just that … and with your input. The program, Walking, Waiting, Wondering Words, will embed submitted poems from Fargo citizens and elementary school students into sidewalks around the city. Submissions are due by September 10 for consideration to be included in the project; you can submit them here.

A similar project launched a couple years ago by the City of St. Paul has been welcomed with open arms by St. Paul residents. With the simple power to bring poetry into a new and novel venue, it’s easy to see why.

Image: http://www.results.net/US/MN/St_Paul/Blog/Sidewalk_Poetry_Portland

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