5 Reasons to Attend ChalkFest at Red River Zoo

We’re so excited that it’s officially CHALKFEST week! ChalkFest, as many of you know, is the largest art-making event in Metro for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We started the program back in 2013, and every year since then, the event has grown — especially when we started hosting the event at Red River Zoo in 2015. Here are some reasons you should come to ChalkFest, taking place 12-7 p.m. August 9 at Red River Zoo, proudly sponsored by Gate City Bank!

1. ChalkFest celebrates the capacity for every human being to create.
We at The Arts Partnership know that every person has the ability to be creative. Creativity is what sets us apart from other animals, and as such, is what connects us to one another. ChalkFest is a celebration of creativity and community.

Photo by Dennis Krull of 5Foot20 Design Lounge.

Photo by Dennis Krull of 5Foot20 Design Lounge.

2. Chalk is an approachable artistic medium.

Many of us have childhood memories of drawing with chalk on the driveway on hot summer days. Because it’s eventually washed away by the rain, there’s no pressure to make a “perfect” drawing with sidewalk chalk, and there’s no need to take years of classes in order to learn how to use it. All you need to do is pick out your favorite color and simply start drawing.

Photo by Dennis Krull of 5Foot20 Design Lounge.

3. ChalkFest incorporates more than just visual art.

Chalk is a very visual medium, but because we at The Arts Partnership want to highlight ALL forms of art, ChalkFest includes live performances throughout the day. This year, we have a list of eclectic and multicultural performers including the Buffalo River Singers and Drummers, FM Ballet, Ricot Aladdin, FM Community Theatre, Max Johnk Jazz Duo, Flutist Tiana Grisé, and Great Plains Harmony.

Local musician Ricot Aladdin is one of the performers at ChalkFest this year. Catch him performing on the Xcel Energy Stage at 2:30 p.m.! (Photo courtesy of the artist.)

Here’s the full schedule of performances at ChalkFest:

12:30 Buffalo River Singers and Drummers
1:30 FM Ballet
2:30 Ricot Aladdin
3:30 FM Community Theatre
4:30 Max Johnk Jazz Duo
5:30 Tiana Grisé
6:30 Great Plains Harmony

4. ChalkFest gives you the chance to interact with local artists and arts organizations in the community.

Local artists Britt Dalice, Chelsea Odden, Emily Brooks, Kayla Cote van Rensburg, Olivia Bain and Tracy Melendez are creating chalk murals at the entrance during ChalkFest to inspire your creativity! Once you enter the zoo, YOU become the artist!

Photo by Dennis Krull of 5Foot20 Design Lounge.

You’ll also get to engage with the following local arts organizations, who will have booths set up along the sidewalk at ChalkFest:

Fargo Moorhead Area Youth Symphonies
Fargo-Moorhead Ballet
Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre
Fargo-Moorhead Gay Men’s Chorus
Fargo-Moorhead Golden Notes
Fargo-Moorhead Opera
Fargo Moorhead Youth Choir
Great Plains Harmony
Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County
Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota
NDSU Performing Arts
Prairie Public
The Human Family

Photo by Dennis Krull of 5Foot20 Design Lounge.

5. It’s FREE!
Lastly, ChalkFest is 100% free to attend — and that includes chalk AND zoo admission! Once you need a break from drawing, you’re welcome to walk around and visit the Red River Zoo’s adorable animals.

So come on down to the Red River Zoo from 12-7 p.m. on Thursday! It’s going to be a fantastic day of art and community. Use the hashtag #TAPChalkFest when post about your ChalkFest experience on social media and you’ll be automatically entered to win a grand prize at ChalkFest! No purchase necessary.

To help us spread the word, invite your family and friends through our Facebook event. 🙂

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