City of Fargo Public Arts Partnership grants are awarded

The Arts Partnership is delighted to announce this year’s public art grant recipients. We had a good selection of applications and chose to fund four projects around Fargo.

Recipients are:

  • The Piano Project: Susanne Williams and the Downtown Community Partnership: We want to bring art and music to downtown to create a more vibrant community. We propose doing this by saving old pianos from being destroyed, repair and tune them, artistically paint them, and place them outside in downtown Fargo to be played by anyone, for free. The purpose is to provide people the opportunity to spontaneously engage and interact with public art. When people play the pianos, an impromptu crowd forms around them. Downtown Fargo becomes an even more dynamic community.
  • Painted Dumpsters: Alley Fair: Three local artists will be commissioned with a stipend to paint three dumpsters at Alley Fair, a free, public event that celebrates local music, food and art. The Alley Fair organization works to highlight the potential of commonly overlooked spaces, and the dumpster project will complement this mission. At the end of the painting event, the dumpsters will remain in the alley to be used by local businesses.
  • Tri-column Art Sticker Machines: the FMVA and DSGNX: Our proposal is to restore and refurbish five (5) tri-column sticker machines to dispense stickers made and designed by local artists. These stickers will be limited, hand-signed and numbered editions that are only available via the refurbished sticker machines.
  • Fargo Through the Year Time-Lapse Movie: Grassfire Studios: The goal of the project is to create a snapshot of life in Fargo-Moorhead over the course of one year. We aim to capture Fargo-Moorhead’s iconic structures, local color, changing of seasons, and community events through creative photography and deliberate editing. A small group of capable photographers, filmmakers, and musicians will complete the project over a year’s time.

Thank you to the City of Fargo and the Community Development Committee who allocated the dollars to create this program. This is the start of something really great, and we can’t wait to see these projects come to life.

* photo from Street Pianos, Mandjar Square

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