Glassology Exhibit Now on Display at Nichole’s Fine Pastry

Partner Thaddeus Laugisch of Glassology by -t has a new exhibit called “Speculo” now open at Partner Nichole’s Fine Pastry! “Speculo” is on display until May 31.

Laugisch has been artistic since elementary school, when he re-drew iconic staples of 1990s pop culture, such as comic book characters and album covers. Disappointed with his high school art instruction, he turned down acceptance to The Art Institute of Denver, pursuing a different career.

However, the urge to create never left. In 2007, he began to experiment with glass as his canvas but switched back to oils. He returned to glass canvases in 2016.

The result is a chaotic, yet controlled esthetic result that the artist refers to as Glassology. An abstract expressionist, Laugisch uses different light spectrums so that the resulting artwork varies with the sun rise/set and artificial lighting. Using clear glass requires the artist to paint in reverse by first applying the details of the foreground then lastly the background. He develops different patterns, visual rhythms and flow using heat, air, tools and gravity – along with chemicals and solvents –  to manipulate the paint. Etching and engraving may be applied to the glass as accents.

Laugisch had his first solo show at the Spirit Room in Fargo in 2017 and has participated in group shows and exhibits at the Kaddatz Art Gallery in Fergus Falls and the Underbrush Gallery in Fargo, among other venues in the region. His work can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Germany and Japan.

For more information about the artist and his work, visit:

facebook.com/t.glassology  |  instagram.com/t.glassology  |  tglassology.wixsite.com/glassology

All the artwork on display at Nichole’s is available for purchase.

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