Grantee Meghan Kirkwood Shifts Perceptions of Mongolia in Fargo Public Library Exhibit

It’s always rewarding to see our grantees meet their goals and develop as artists.

For grantee Meghan Kirkwood, the world “develop” is quite literal. After receiving a grant from us in 2016, the photographer spent nearly a month in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, last summer capturing the city and its people in a series of silver gelatin photographs.

Those photographs are now on display at the Fargo Public Library in an exhibit called “Hero City” until the end of May.

“Hero City” or Baatar Khot, was the name proposed for the city in 1924 before pressure from soviet activists led to the renaming of the city as it is known today, Ulaanbaatar (city of the Red Hero), Kirkwood explains on her website.

Kirkwood’s goal of the project was simple: to raise awareness and shift perceptions about a country that not many Americans have traveled to.

“Though a majority of the three million Mongolians reside in this cosmopolitan urban center many Americans believe that most Mongolians are herders and live in yurts on the rural steppe,” Kirkwood says. “These portraits are intended to present a more complete profile of Mongolian citizens and make reference to their modernity and that of the capital city.”

Photos courtesy of the artist.

Visitors can view “Hero City” during regular hours at the Fargo Public Library in downtown Fargo. For more information on the project, visit meghankirkwood.com.

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