January lunch&learn a creative hit

On January 14, Partners gathered at Partner Trollwood Performing Arts School to talk about how that space can continue to fulfill its larger mission to be a regional arts center with ED Kathy Anderson.

It also occurred to me recently that in the two and a half years since I started at The Arts Partnership, we have never gathered to do art together. January seemed like a good time to start doing some of that, so I invited Partner Emily Williams-Wheeler to lead us in a session called “Discovering you inner Einstein.” Emily wrote: Unleash your creativity using oil pastels as we explore color, interpretation, and values. No experience is required and no level of expertise is expected. This is an opportunity to inch away from your comfort zone while learning something new. Being more creative helps you with problem solving, so challenge yourself creatively and take home a masterpiece!

You can see that it worked! There was some trepidation amongst some of us who are not visual artists, but it ended up being incredibly fun and inspiring. The artist in each of us emerged, and we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and talents thoroughly.

Thanks to Trollwood for hosting, to Emily for leading the art lesson, and to the Partners who joined us for a fun night. I hope even more Partners will take advantage of opportunities like this in the future–it really was a great time.

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