Partner Emily Brooks Creates Two New Murals at Washington Elementary School

Local artist Emily Brooks has always loved painting (or chalking) large-scale murals.

That’s why when Brenda Cain, the librarian at Washington Elementary School, approached her to make two new murals that would brighten up the library, Brooks immediately jumped on the opportunity.

Now, after working together for over a year, Cain and Brooks recently debuted two murals incorporating the Four C’s of Learning (Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration) and library books to help students learn to tell time.

“We had a great time collaborating on a location, the colors and style that would play well into the rest of the library,” Brooks says. “As for collecting the books for the clock, that was all Brenda. She knows so much about children’s literature, that she even had a couple options for some of the numbers that she let me choose from.”

The new book mural by Emily Brooks at Washington Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Emily Brooks.

Because the book mural is functional, Brooks hopes it will help students sharpen their skills at telling time. The Four C’s of Learning mural “will remind the children and staff what learning is all about,” she says.

This project was funded by the Washington Elementary School PTA, where Brooks says “parents understand the importance of a creative environment for learning and how it adds to the overall culture of a school.”

Brooks channels her creativity whenever she can, primarily through her small business Taea Made, which makes an assortment home decor like memory pillows, custom machine embroidery, mural painting and custom photo jewelry.

For more information on Emily Brooks, visit taeamade.com. You can also see her create a chalk mural at in the entrance to Red River Zoo at ChalkFest on August 9!

All photos courtesy of Emily Brooks.

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