TAP Communications Coordinator Chelsey Ewen wins YWCA Woman of the Year Award

The Arts Partnership’s very own Communications Coordinator Chelsey Engelhard Ewen was awarded the YWCA Woman of the Year in the Arts and Culture category earlier this week, and we couldn’t be prouder.
Chelsey has been such a fabulous addition to our team, and in this last year in particular, she has become a much more significant presence in her role as the communicator about the arts in the Metro. We’re all thrilled that she was recognized at this event.
Chelsey joined The Arts Partnership in October 2016 after having been a full-time intern under then Communications Coordinator MeLIssa Kossick. From the first, Chelsey was a team player, jumping in to manage the calendar, write blog posts and even pour sparkling wine when the occasion called for it! Her previous time working at the Hotel Donaldson prepared Chelsey well for all the many ways we get to serve the arts and those who support them.
While Tania Blanich, director of operations, and I couldn’t be at the event because we were traveling for work, we celebrated from afar and look forward to getting back to the office to congratulate Chelsey in person. If you see her out and about, which I am sure you will because she seems to be everywhere these days!, be sure to congratulate her, too.

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