The Arts Partnership to Host Public CAP Grant Panel Tuesday, May 8

As an effort to keep our grant panels transparent to the community, The Arts Partnership is hosting a public grant panel for our City Arts Partnership (CAP) grants from 9:30am-1pm Tuesday, May 8 at APT, a Creative Incubator located at 225 4th Avenue North in downtown Fargo. We invite anyone interested in learning about the grant review process to attend.

Who will be at the table? The Arts Partnership grant review panel for the CAP grants consists of arts professionals and advocates from the region. Our Director of Operations Tania Blanich will facilitate the meeting, aided by The Arts Partnership staff.

How will the panelists prepare? Each panel member reviews all the on-line application submissions, including work samples. The panel uses the following criteria to assess all applications:

  • Artistic quality, including the organization’s integrity and intention regarding its arts programming.
  • Impact, existing or potential, on the communities and audiences the organization serves and/or plans to serve.
  • Organizational capabilities: capacity, efficacy and organizational stability and fiscal position.

The Review Criteria and Scoring Rubric used by the panel to make their determinations can be found at theartspartnership.net/grants.

What will happen at the review panel meeting?  

  • Applications will be reviewed in a predetermined order (see schedule below)
  • Conflicts of interest are identified. A panelist who has declared a conflict will leave the room prior to the start of discussion of that particular application.
  • Panelists will discuss the applicant’s proposal, including its strengths and weaknesses in relationship to the review criteria.
  • Following the initial panel discussion, the public will be dismissed.
  • The panelists will score the proposals on each of the three criteria listed above; those scores are averaged, providing a highest possible total score of 30.
  • Projects are ranked within their grant tiers, in order from high score to low score.
  • Those proposals not receiving a score of 20 and above are not considered for funding.
  • Funding recommendations are made according to the applicant’s rank.
  • Organizations eligible for GOS I and GOS II support will be considered for Sanford Arts Partnership Merit Awards based on their overall ranking within their grant tier.

What happens after the panel meeting? The Arts Partnership board will review and take action on the panel’s recommendations. Emails are sent to the applicants within three weeks of the panel meeting to inform them of their funding. Grantees will be asked to sign a grant agreement, outlining their rights and responsibilities as a grantee.

When are the grant funds distributed? The grants will be awarded at The State of the Arts on June 12, 2018 at 7:30 am at NDSU’s Barry Hall in downtown Fargo.  Your organization must have a representative there to pick up your grant check. More information about the event will be posted at theartspartnership.net and on our Facebook page.

The following is an approximate schedule of the panel review of applications.

9:30 – 10 am:
Angels of the Muse
Celebration of Women & their Music Concordia College
Fargo Air Museum
Fargo Park District

10 – 10:30 am:
Fargo Theatre
FM Area Youth Symphonies
FM Ballet
FM Choral Artists
FM Community Theatre

10:30 – 11 am:
FM Gay Men’s Chorus
FM Opera Company
FM Symphony
FM Visual Artists
FM Youth Choir

11 – 11:15 am — Break

11:15 – 11:30 am:
Gooseberry Park Players
Head Start
Historical & Cultural Society
The Human Family
Kicks Jazz Band

11:30 am – 12 pm:
The Master Chorale
Moorhead Parks & Rec
MSUM Performing Arts Series
NDSU Memorial Union Gallery
NDSU Theatre

12 – 12:30 pm:
Nordic Culture Clubs
Plains Art Museum
Prairie Public Broadcasting
Red River Zoo
Rourke Art Museum

12:30 – 1 pm:
Spirit Room
Theatre B
Trollwood Performing Art School
West Fargo Public Library
West Fargo Summer Arts Intensive

2 responses to “The Arts Partnership to Host Public CAP Grant Panel Tuesday, May 8”

  1. I would love to get connected to all things related to art. I am the new owner of Prairie Fiber Arts Center. I have set aside a small space as a gallery and have a range of fiber artists displays rotating through with an ‘artist’s reception” open for the public to meet the artist. I am also interested in being part of the Studio Crawl, as we are a fiber arts space with many talented artists. cell phone is 218-329-6755

    • Chelsey Ewen says:

      Hi Verna,

      That is great! Prairie Fiber Arts Center should consider being a Partner with us! You can apply by going to the “Partners” tab at the top of our website, then click “Apply to become a Partner.” That way we can stay more in touch with one another and I can help promote your events! The Studio Crawl is run through the FMVA, so I’d recommend getting in touch with them! Their website is fmva.org.

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