Individual Artist Arts Partnership Grants Sponsorship

For individual artists, $500 can mean the difference between pursuing another step in their artistic career or not. With a small amount of money, artists can put up a show, buy a piece of equipment, purchase supplies, take a class, stage a small production, etc.

Until 2012, The Arts Partnership was not in a position to grant money to individual artists; the money we re-grant from the tri-cities is designated only for non-profits, and we had not had an available pool of funding for other granting. Fortunately, we were able to pull some money from the sale of the CSA shares and funnel it into this new granting program. We have thus far granted 10 individual artists $500 grants each. Their applications included:

  • Taking a dance teaching course
  • Continuing an advanced calligraphy course
  • Sending a play off to a dramaturgist for critical edits
  • Traveling to Michigan to interview a pivotal character for a documentary
  • Traveling to Scandinavia to do research for an art project
  • Going to NYC to take advanced dramatic movement classes
  • Funding an art teachers art showcase opening event
  • Facilitating an art project around Alzheimer’s patients

Our hope moving forward is to grow the granting pool of dollars for this program. We are asking you to consider supporting 1 Individual Artist Arts Partnership (IAAP) grant. Our goal is to double the annual amount to $5,000, or 10 grants.

If you agree to fund one IAAP grant, you may

  • Elect to have it named after you: the Individual Artist (your name/business) Arts Partnership grant –or-
  • Put your funding into the general pool of dollars already raised

Either way, unless you request to remain anonymous, your name will be included as one of the funders of this overall program.

We believe that with additional support like this, individual artists will see a significant benefit to staying in our communities, continuing their artistic endeavors, and contributing to the overall quality of life that benefits us all.