Community Supported Art

The UpTown Gallery’s Steve Revland talking to shareholders. July CSA 2015.

CSA 2017 is ON SALE NOW!

One of the most fun programs The Arts Partnership operates and hosts is our Community Supported Art program. Watch our video and see if you don’t agree!

Modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture program, our CSA also operates under the goals of being local, sustainable, community-driven and fun!

One plate of glorious Rustica preview hors d’oeuvres from Chef Eric Watson. 2014

50 shares are sold each season. A share includes:

  • Three fabulous parties for you and a guest May 9, July 13 and September 20 at 6:30 p.m.
  • An art taste, experience or performance, and piece of art to take home at each party
  • Wine tasting from Bernie’s Wines and Liquor
  • The opportunity to meet the artists in a lovely, inviting environment where you have already supported them with your purchase of the CSA, so there’s no additional pressure to purchase
  • The chance to meet new arts supporters and reconnect with friends

Some samples of artist Warren Kessler’s individual 50 sketches for shareholders. 2016

All of this is yours for only $450 for the entire season! To put that price in perspective, painter Dan Jones’ art routinely sells for $1,000 or more. In 2015, Dan created 50 individual pieces for shareholders. That was just one share of the nine that shareholders received.

Culinary Artist Nancy Olson works with her assistants to set up the edible garden. July CSA 2015.

As you can see, this is well worth the price, and that doesn’t even include how much fun the parties are!

So, who is this program for? It’s for arts supporters, people interested in getting to know our arts community better, people who love the idea of an “art sampler surprise”, high-end art collectors, people just starting to think about beginning an art collection, people who love amazing food and wine, people who love to directly support artists, people who are committed to local and more. In short, it’s for YOU!

One great aspect of CSA is that you can split your share up to three-ways, so that each of you and a guest get to attend one party. You can also split it in half, but don’t ask me how you will determine who gets which pieces of art–that’s your fight! 🙂

Lyra Trio performed to a rapt audience of shareholders at the September CSA party. 2015

2017 artist shares include:

Markus Krueger shows off his block and tools for his CSA print. 2016

Markus Krueger shows off his block and tools for his CSA print. 2016

Call the TAP office at 237.6133 or e-mail Tania Blanich at tania@theartspartnership.net with questions.


Shareholders enjoying the conversation after the artists’ talks. 2014

Previous shares of CSA art:


  • Markus Krueger, printmaking
  • Scott Seiler, photography
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary
  • Warren Kessler, pen sketches
  • Jillian LaDage, celtic world vocalist
  • Andrea Baumgardner/BernBaum’s, culinary
  • Catie Miller, ceramics
  • Marjorie Schlossman, painter and Karen Kahoutek, poet
  • Ryan Nitschke/Luna, culinary


  • Jon Solinger, photography
  • Vic Pellerano, singer-songwriter
  • Joe Swegarden, culinary
  • Angela Eklund, multi-purpose bag
  • Cameron Peterson, printmaking
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary
  • Lyra Trio, classical piano, violin and cello
  • Dan Jones, painting
  • Phil Edwards, culinary


  • Amber Parsons, ceramics
  • Kim Jore, painting
  • Bangkok Corner, culinary
  • Eric A. Johnson/Kent Kapplinger, printmaking
  • Raymond Rea and Theatre B, theatre
  • Eric Watson/Rustica, culinary
  • FM Ballet, ballet
  • Tim Lamey, photography
  • Nancy Olson/Nichole’s Fine Pastry, culinary


  • Stevie Famulari, leather jewelry
  • Eric A. Johnson, printmaking
  • FM Area Youth Symphonies, orchestra
  • Karen Bakke, painting
  • McCal Joy, rare wood coaster
  • Erica Lorentzsen and Meredith Lynn, drama and handmade book
  • Kim Malakowsky, soap
  • Emily Williams-Wheeler, painting
  • Jill Johnson, Jello art


  • Emily Williams-Wheeler, cabbage print
  • Jill Johnson, wax monkey faces
  • Theatre B, theatre
  • Karman Rheault/Dennis Krull, photography and metal work
  • Carmen Bruhn, printed tile
  • Chelsea Thorson, concrete tape dispenser
  • Brad Bachmeier, ceramic
  • Ann Arbor Miller, photography
  • Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society, cabbage concrete birdbath
Playwright Erika Lorentzsen and book maker Meredith Lynn collaborated to create a handmade book including the first scene of the play "Song of Valadon" and images of Valadon's art work. 2013

Playwright Erika Lorentzsen and book maker Meredith Lynn collaborated to create a handmade book including the first scene of the play “Song of Valadon” and images of Valadon’s art work. 2013

The Arts Partnership purchased the Community Supported Art template from Springboard for the Arts in St. Paul and adapted it to best fit our community.