The Corporate Artist in Residence Program

TMI Hospitality employees concentrating on drawing Einstein upside down by thinking only about colors and shapes with artist Emily Williams-Wheeler. 2013

Building a creative community, encouraging imagination in the workplace and fostering creative agency for all leads to a more vibrant, more active society. The Artist in Residence program nurtures a corporate environment where creativity thrives and enhances the lives of all its staff members. Creating a lively, positive work environment for your employees makes them feel good about coming to work and sustains them throughout the day.

Participating in arts activities cultivates core competencies such as analytical thinking, problem solving, exercising individual responsibility, sociability and self-esteem. Finding common ground through art affords your employees the opportunity to connect with colleagues and creates opportunities for shared ideas. Creating a lively, positive work environment for employees makes them feel good about coming to work and sustains them throughout the day.

Businesses can work with The Arts Partnership to develop a customized program tailor-made for their corporate culture. A basic annual program includes three art exhibits at the corporation’f offices over the course of the year, plus three opportunities for employees to interact with — and be inspired by — the artists. For details, contact Executive Director Dayna Del Val at dayna@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133.


Employees drawing each other without looking at their paper. 2015

As an employee of a company that sponsors the Artist in Residency program, I have seen benefits in surprising places. We have such a broad variety of roles within our company it can sometimes be hard to find common ground- what does a graphic designer have in common with a company lawyer, or an accountant or member of I.T.? Art! It has been wonderful to see people making new connections and getting excited about the events surrounding the Artist in Residency program. ~a TMI Hospitality employee


Close up of one Einstein in progress. How does taking the “art” out of drawing help you use your brain differently? 2013


Artist Ann Arbor Miller helped employees think about how to frame a small, meaningful section of something much larger and how they could apply that to their work lives, too. 2014

I believe this program has also encouraged our team to take a stronger interest in their work. Being surrounded by beautiful and interesting things inspires positive and creative energy that seeps into our everyday tasks. I see the excitement that surrounds the opening of each new exhibit. It is talked about and anticipated as soon as the invitation goes out and the effects of people enjoying are witnessed as long as it is hanging. It has added greatly to our company culture – we feel more connected to the community and to each other. I really can’t say enough about the AIR program!  ~a TMI Hospitality employee