Get your Support Local Art t-shirt today!


Want your own Support Local Art t-shirt? 

Email Dayna at dayna [at] theartspartnership [dot] net;


visit our offices at 1104 2nd Ave S or swing into Unglued Market in Fargo, ND and Sioux Fall, SD, Plains Art Museum or through Fargo Stuff.

It looks good. It’s simple. It’s direct. And it just about says it all.

It’s our Support Local Art t-shirt. Riffing off the popular “support local music” concept, this t-shirt shows your love for the artists in your community and encourages others to do the same. Plus, the money we raise with these t-shirts goes right back into the work we do to support local art.

The best part? You can buy one here in Fargo and wear it in Sarasota, San Antonio or Sao Paulo … and it’s as true there as it is here.

Want one? Email Dayna at dayna@theartspartnership.net and we’ll get you set up.

When it comes, put it on, take a photo for your favorite social network and be sure to tag us @ARTS_TAP and/or use the hashtag #supportlocalart.

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But wait! There’s more! Our long-term plan is to bring on designers and artists to create more awesome, collectible shirts that tangibly do what the t-shirts say to do. Neat, huh? For updates on new designs, we encourage you to sign up for our weekly newsletter and/or keep an eye on our Facebook page.