It’s almost time for the Fargo Art Marathon!


Hey there, adventurers! Welcome to the Fargo Art Marathon, presented by The Arts Partnership with sponsorship from these fine folks: Myriad MobileGate City BankCatalyst Medical CenterMezzaluna, the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitor’s BureauConcordia College Department of Art and Peter Schultz, West AcresTMI Hospitality, Shortprinter.com and Plains Art Museum.

(Don’t have the app? It’s free at the Apple store and Android market.)

Read the article in the Forum about the Art Marathon.

How it works

The idea behind the Art Marathon app is get you out and about on a series of art-related adventures and responding to them through the app or your social media channels. There are three ways to complete the marathon:

1.) Download the app and document completion of the 26 events using the QR codes.

Within the app, you’ll find 26 challenges for you to complete at some point between April 26 and May 10. In some cases, you’ll need to attend an event. In others, you’ll need to find a work of art or complete an action. In all cases, you’ll find a QR code at each of the 26 stops along the way.  Scan the QR code within the app and complete the challenge. Keep your eye on the leaderboard to see how you’re faring against your fellow (art) runners. You don’t have to complete the events in any particular order, but you do have to complete all 26 of them. We’ll keep you posted on the  TAP blog for places that you can find the 26 QR codes from April 26-May 9. Fastest three completers will be eligible for prizes.

2.) Micro-curate your encounters with 26 events on the course using your  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account.

You can participate by sharing your experience of any 26 challenges to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with the hashtag #fmartmar14 and tag The Arts Partnership or ARTSpulse on any of those platforms. Don’t forget to follow The Arts Partnership on the social media platform of choice.

3.) Blog your encounters with 26 events on the course.

Respond to all of the challenges in a long-form blog post or photo series, or using video. Drop the marathon team a link to your completed blog entry on either the Art Marathon Facebook page or by dropping us an email at kris@theartspartnership.net.

Each of the marathon divisions has a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, with prizes for each.

Extra credit

In addition to the challenges within the app, we’d LOVE to see you get out to any other arts events happening within the Art Marathon timeframe. You can use any of these as part of the 26-even micro-curation and blog curation divisions of the marathon (use the #fmartmar14 hashtag to share your experiences on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Even if you are competing in the app division, venture forth and enjoy those, too.

For a list of events during the Art Marathon time frame, click here.

FAQ and help

Got a question or need a hand? Head over to our FAQ page or email Kris at kris@theartspartnership.net.

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