Anne Kaese Calligraphy Hosting Letter Decorating Class to Benefit Upcoming St. John’s Bible Exhibit

Looking at instructor Anne Kaese’s beautifully hand-crafted calligraphy, the ancient practice can seem complex and intimidating. However, the evening of art, food, and wine Kaese is offering from 6 – 8 p.m. this Thursday at Gethsemane Cathedral will be completely the opposite.

The class is all about learning basic letters and techniques of calligraphy, then allowing creativity to take over. The food and wine is a bonus.

Anne Kaese was born in South Africa, where she was introduced to calligraphy at the age of twelve. In South Africa, calligraphy is viewed as a high art form, and Kaese brings this respect, history and tradition of calligraphy to each of her classes. She describes herself overall as a heritage artist. “If it was popular three to four hundred years ago, I’m probably into that,” she says.

Anne Kaese. Photo courtesy of Anne Kaese.

Kaese emphasizes there is no wrong way to make art. She wants her students to give themselves permission to play, because her classes are about slowing down and appreciating the creative process.

Kaese is donating her time to host this event, and proceeds will go to the St. John’s Bible exhibit. The Bible will be coming to the Historical and Cultural Society in Moorhead this October, but Kaese has been following the project since 1998. It ties in nicely with everything the artist is already passionate about. She pointed out how many disciplines this project brings together: history, archaeology, theology, science, art, and imagination, to name a few.

Decorated letters example. Photo courtesy of Anne Kaese.

In her classes, Kaese brings people together through art. The St. John’s Bible is a work of art that acknowledges social and technological advances of the modern world, and provides a focal point for discussion. Visitors will bring their own interpretations and background to understand the art, and Kaese believes that is the whole point. She says the St. John’s Bible “triggers something that sparks curiosity.”

Decorated letters this Thursday, and all of Kaese’s classes in conjunction with The St. John’s Bible exhibit, focus on making art accessible to people and allowing creativity to happen without the pressure of perfection. Kaese says that previous students have described her classes not as an education, but as a discovery.

Tickets are $30-35 and can be purchased here. Gethsemane Cathedral is located at 3600 25th Street South in Fargo. If you aren’t able to make it to this Thursday’s installment of art, food, and wine, Anne Kaese will offer another class on October 21st.

Photo courtesy of Anne Kaese.

All photos are courtesy of Anne Kaese Calligraphy.

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