Come be part of the holiday magic of our Art Market

Do you remember the Advent calendars from when you were little? The ones with the charming English high streets and carolers in their top hats and bonnets? The ones with the rickety candlelit shops that invited your imagination to roam past the brightly painted doors and wander in to feel the warmth and experience the joy of each unique space?

My grandma sent me one of those every year, and I loved each of them because they were a place I wanted to be. But I never really thought I would get to experience the cozy, community feeling of those little crooked streets, the carolers, the food, the warm drinks, the individual tiny shops where makers had painstakingly labored over their wares and the masses of people, neighbors and strangers alike, all gathered to enjoy the season and the festivities.

But then I grew up, and I got to work at The Arts Partnership, and we got to collaborate with artists and makers and bakers and musicians and lots of community members to create a modern-day version of my childhood wonderment. And we are calling it the APT Art Market, and we want you to come and experience the joy and the magic of this space.

Walk into the Livewire Winter Wonderland Experience and be fully immersed inside a Christmas tree, or a gentle snowfall or a number of other magical, calming snow globe-like moments. Sit down by our “fireplace” and finish off your Thursday workday with a glass of wine or cider, or meet there on Saturday mornings with friends and neighbors over a cup of coffee, most likely from Stumbeanos. Shop in the more than 10 ( and sometimes many more!) charming artist storefronts, each one inviting you to have an exquisite sensory adventure and meet the fabulous makers. Listen to live music, purchase beautiful brunch treats, send your children off to make holiday ornaments, cards or other art projects. Enjoy two gallery shows in the town squares of our little village.

Come and let the spirit of the season and the magic out our efforts surround you at the APT Art Market. See how it embodies your childhood fantasies, and let it help you create marvelous memories for your children. Discover a place where you run into your friends and meet new neighbors because we’re all drawn to the gathering spaces of our communities.

Welcome to our real Advent Calendar village; we can’t wait to see you there.



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