Business Arts Partnership grants

We know that one of the areas where businesses can get overwhelmed is with non-profit asks for funding and sponsorship. That’s why we created the Business Arts Partnership grant program. For a commitment  of $10,000 or more, The Arts Partnership will create the Your Business Arts Partnership grant.

What does that mean for you? It means that when an arts organization asks to set up a meeting to talk about funding, you can simply do what Dave Anderson, Director of Public Affairs for Sanford Health, does. He replies with, “Thank you for your interest in Sanford Health funding for your programming. We currently give our arts funding to The Arts Partnership, and they grant it out in our name. Please contact ED Dayna Del Val for more information.”

Dave Anderson notes, “Sanford Health enjoys a very collaborative relationship with The Arts Partnership. Rather than entertaining dozens of proposals from FM area arts organizations, for which limited resources would be spread quite thin, Sanford supports the promotional efforts of TAP with funding specifically directed to their communication and promotional activities. Additional Sanford resources are then pooled with gifts from other community organizations in TAP’s granting efforts. This effort saves us time and a great number of meetings, but more importantly, Sanford is making a much more meaningful contribution to benefit the entire arts community in the Fargo-Moorhead area!”

Each business has the option to maintain specific arts funded relationships above and beyond these dollars as well as to determine organizations they are not interested in seeing receive funding for whatever reason.

Arts organizations are invited to apply for funding through the Sanford Arts Partnership grant. It is the same application we use for our City Arts Partnership grants. A committee reads, assesses and makes a recommendation for funding to the board of directors of The Arts Partnership.

Once funding is approved, the selected arts organizations are awarded the Your Business Arts Partnership grant. They have your contact information to send thank yous and they include you in their funding acknowledgements.

All of this happens without you have to do anything more than write one annual check to The Arts Partnership.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Executive Director Dayna Del Val at 701.237.6133 or dayna@theartspartnership.net.


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