Catie Miller Opens Ceramic Exhibit Alongside Painter Emily Williams-Wheeler, Printmaker Eric Johnson

Artists Catie Miller, Emily Williams-Wheeler and Eric Johnson differ greatly in their primary media. Catie Miller primarily works with ceramics; Emily Williams-Wheeler with painting and encaustics; and Eric Johnson with printmaking. But these talented artists have more similarities than differences.

For example, all three artists are Primary Arts Partners at The Arts Partnership, they all are known for their playful use of color, and they all have exhibits at the Rourke this spring.

Eric Johnson’s “Nature of Things” exhibit opened at the end of April and Emily Williams-Wheeler’s “Lint in My Pocket” opened last week. Catie Miller joins the colorful springtime fun with the opening of her “Root” exhibit this Friday from 6 – 8 p.m. She’ll give an artist talk at 7 p.m.

In “Root,” Catie Miller “interprets themes of community, the individual, and resoluteness” her exhibit statement says.

“Portraits and animals are camouflaged within plant motifs. The intertwined relationships with the environment and the characters allow the view to examine themes rooted in good intentions while others are rooted in evil,” the statement continues.

Catie Miller’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally and featured in publications like Ceramics Monthly. She creates ceramic sculptures, mugs, plates and more in her home studio in south Fargo. You can visit her website here.

Photo courtesy of Catie Miller.

“Root” is on display until July 9.

To learn more about Eric Johnson’s “The Nature of Things,” check out this feature The Arts Partnership wrote in the Fargo Forum.

Photo courtesy of Eric Johnson.

And to learn more about Emily Williams-Wheeler’s “Lint in My Pocket,” listen to this podcast from The Metro Arts Scene on KFGO (start at 8:35 – or, better yet, listen to the whole thing).

Photo courtesy of Emily Williams-Wheeler.

The featured photo at the top is courtesy of Catie Miller.

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