Chelsey Tries: Collaging with Artist Nichole Rae

I forgot how good it feels to just sit and create.

You’d think since I work for an arts organization that I’d be creating left and right in my spare time, but for some reason, I’ve been going through a “Creative Slump” the last few years. I used to draw, paint and take photographs to keep my creative juices from drying out. But, as with anyone else, life gets hectic and my free time has been replaced with binging Netflix or other mindless activities as of late.

So when Artist Nichole Rae from Creative Plains Foundation provided an activity to make collaged greeting cards at the last APT Art Market last Saturday, I decided to sit down with the kids and make a card of my own. The colorful scraps of paper in hundreds of patterns were too enticing to ignore.

I started collecting pieces of paper with patterns that spoke the most to me, grabbed a blank card, and let loose with the glue stick. There’s something super satisfying about piecing together a cohesive “thing” with smaller pieces of other “things.” (Webster’s Dictionary should update their definition of “collaging” to this — it’s that profound!)

But really, this activity was relaxing but productive at the same time. I didn’t overthink everything or worry about something not looking “quite right.” I just kept ripping, gluing and stamping until I felt satisfied with my work.

This is the first collaged card I made, which I framed and put on my apartment window sill:

And the second, which I gave to my mother in law for her birthday:

I had so much fun with this activity that I feel inspired to start collecting paper scraps, magazines, tissue paper and anything else I could “piece together.” I have blank canvases in my closet that have been waiting patiently to be covered — maybe now is the time to get those creative juices flowing again.

Thank you, Nichole Rae, for providing this fun activity. To learn more about Nichole Rae and workshops she does with Creative Plains Foundation, visit the Creative Plains Foundation website or Facebook page. You can also visit Nichole Rae’s personal website.

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  1. julie says:

    I love your work and your story. I am launching my new line of baby furniture in Fargo next weekend and would love to collaborate.
    Your work would be amazing in a nursery.
    I can see it.

    Check me out at Milkstreetbaby.com and let me know if you are up for something new!
    julie K

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