Former TAP Intern Libby Reflects on ChalkFest Experience

Our summer 2016 intern Libby reflects on her ChalkFest experience and explains why you should go, too!

Last year, I was granted the opportunity to spend the summer of 2016 as an intern for The Arts Partnership. Though my time at TAP was short, it was a time of abundant learning – learning about the Arts and how to advocate for them, learning about myself and what I seek from a career, and learning about Fargo, specifically what this robust city provides.

ChalkFest 2016 was the largest yet. This event helped me to witness first-hand what it looks like when a town comes together to not only enjoy simple pleasures like food and music, but also to exemplify a community where we celebrate what each other has to offer. The Arts in Fargo-Moorhead are in greater supply than I believe most people realize, and I’ve learned that they can easily be taken for granted.

Nevertheless, in my ten short weeks at TAP, I learned one very important thing: Fargo is an awesome place to live, thanks to unifying events like ChalkFest. As citizens, it is our responsibility to preserve the identity of our community, and in the case of ChalkFest, all we have to do is show up to the Red River Zoo on August 10th and enjoy.

Thanks, Libby! We hope to see you all next Thursday for #TAPChalkFest!

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