Grantee Highlight: Calligrapher Anne Kaese

The Arts Partnership awards grants to artists working in any artistic genre and at any career stage, and last fall, we announced our 2017-2018 Individual Arts Partnership (IAP) and Jade Presents Arts Partnership (JPAP) grantees. Over the next year, we will highlight the artists in a series of blogs so that our readers can learn more about their artistic process. February’s featured grantee is calligrapher Anne Kaese!

Anne Kaese opened her first watercolor, bookmaking and calligraphy studio in 1994. For her, the historical perspective of art and calligraphy is fascinating and can be made relevant today even in an age of computers and Photoshop. She has received recognition through grants and awards for her artwork and teaching. A passionate public speaker, she has given keynote addresses to corporate and non-profit ventures on talent sharing, artful lives and why our lives should be artful and imaginative.

Kaese received a $1,150 grant to go toward additional training in cursive writing and development of a salon-style cursive writing course that will combine history with the opportunity to talk about community issues and how art can bridge them.

Anne Kaese. Photo courtesy of Anne Kaese.

1. Beyond other calligrapherswhat sources inspire your work?
Nature, patterns, colour combinations and the conflict of light and dark.

2. What is your daily creative work schedule? 
When I get a daily schedule, I will let you know!

3. How do you approach the beginning of a project?
I am very systematic about the goals, desired outcomes and budget (of a calligraphy project).  Next, I drill down to practicalities like size and colour, do thumbnails or samples – lots of them – then I start doing a manual cut and paste and using collage techniques to get a new layout using the best pieces.  I will then work from that.

Calligraphy by Anne Kaese.

4. What is your greatest fear/challenge when facing a new project? 
That the client will hate what I loved creating.

5. What do you do when you get stuck? 
Give myself a reward for getting unstuck.

Kaese volunteered countless hours to bring the hand-calligraphied, hand-illuminated Saint John’s Bible exhibit to the HCSCC last fall — the largest exhibit its history.

6. What advice would you give to someone starting out in the field?
You need a small set of supplies. Customers will question your value – get over that!

7. What was the most discouraging feedback you ever got? 
The adjudicator did not think calligraphy was art.

8. What was the most encouraging feedback you ever got? 
“I can feel the happiness of your spirit in your work.”

9. What would you be if you couldn’t be an artist? 
Brain surgeon!

For more information on Anne Kaese or to sign up for one of her calligraphy classes, visit her website annekaese.com, her Facebook page, or call 701-205-4657.

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