Ken Andersen “Focus on the Process” Exhibit at the HCSCC Closing Soon

Fargo-Moorhead residents have just a few days left to see the Hjemkomst Center’s exhibition “Focus on the Process: The Art, History, and Science of Photographic Printing,” which has been on display since January.

These prints created by Dr. Ken Anderson provide an educational display of the intersections of art, science, and history. It portrays several different types of printmaking, complete with examples, step-by-step photos, and informative panels on their origins and the chemical processes behind them.

For Anderson’s work, The Arts Partnership and Lake Region Arts Council paid thousands of dollars in ingredients, including resin, gelatin, dichromate salts, silver nitrate, and ammonium citrate.

All photos by Sarah Nour.

This exhibition covers a wide range of printmaking methods, dating from the 1800s to the 1990s. Salted paper prints, platinum palladium prints, and salted paper prints all began in the 1830s, while gumoil prints began in 1994. Then there are methods like Van Dyke Brown, which was first written about as a theory in 1842 but took its time developing over several decades. Its formula was established as a patent in 1889.

The photos themselves feature ordinary settings and everyday sights, made aesthetically pleasing through whichever printmaking process they underwent. These settings include a bedroom, the outside of an old cabin, and an open barn door seen from the inside. Photos of the natural world include leaves, logs, and unfurling plant buds.

All photos by Sarah Nour.

Anderson, who is based in West Fargo, has taught construction management at MSUM and NDSU, and currently owns a home-building business. His photography and woodworking projects have been displayed in museums and published in national magazines. He has sold his work at the Fargo-Moorhead Visual Artists’ Holiday Art Sale at the Moorhead Center Mall, which took place in early November back in 2014.

All photos by Sarah Nour.

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