A New Home For Make Room

Upon entering Make Room’s new space downtown, the smell of incense fills the air. In the middle of the room is a wooden table surround by beautiful art lining the walls.

“Make Room started two years ago in a space around the corner. The goal for our new space was to create a living gallery,” says Chelsea Thorson, owner of Make Room Fargo. The living space is a gallery that isn’t just for viewing art, but also for making art.

Make Room’s new space at 17 8th Street South in downtown Fargo.

The new Make Room space at 17 8th Street South in Fargo is made up of the Gallery, the Studio and the Store.

“It is always an active space – and it is a shared space,” says Thorson.

The Store at Make Room.

Make Room has events that take place on weeknights for adults and events throughout the week for the youth population.

The art seen in the Make Room can be seen as a balance between both emerging and established local artists, as well as a balance amongst gender and cultural backgrounds to ensure the entire community is represented.

“Something we are working more on is private events. We want the space to be used everyday,” says Thorson. These events can include anything from children’s parties to work events. “Whether it is something we do, or another teacher does, we want the space to be used everyday. We want it to be active,” she adds.

“Our main focus is that the classes we offer let people make things with intention and meaning and not just not make it,” says Thorson.

One exciting upcoming event is the Full Moon Event – taking place this Saturday, Nov. 4 – also known as the Frida Kahlo experience. Every full moon, Make Room has a celebration where the entire space becomes transformed with various decorations, activities and food.

Thorson hopes that the addition of the store will provide the studio with a more approachable atmosphere for the individual who has never stepped foot into a gallery before.

Thorson wants artists in the community to know that the space is for them as well. “We want to do art swaps: free art events for artists in order to create and help foster an artist-based environment. We are supporting artists, not just the art.”

Tickets to the Full Moon Event, “Viva La Frida,” from 7-9pm this Saturday and more information on Make Room are available at makeroomfargo.com.

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