Q&A with ChalkFest Featured Artist, Chelsie Liberati

Only ONE WEEK until ChalkFest 2017. This year we’re excited to welcome Chelsie Liberati, an artist from the Savannah College of Art and Design, to be our ChalkFest featured artist!

Chelsie will be with us throughout the week making chalk drawings at Gate City Bank locations and at ChalkFest (see our ChalkFest page for her drawing schedule). We did a virtual Q&A session with Chelsie to get to know her a little better before she arrives in Fargo and wows us with her talents.

1. What is your background as an artist?
I received a BFA in painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but I’ve really been creating art since I could hold a pencil. It’s something I’ve always known I wanted to continue pursuing.

ChalkFest 2017 Artist-in-Residence, Chelsie Liberati.

2. How did you begin creating chalk art?
I’ve had experience with pastels in my own art before, but I really became involved during the annual SCAD Sidewalk Chalk Arts Festival in Savannah, GA. I won third place my first year and was hooked! Since, I’ve competed several times and created a few chalk murals for local businesses.

3. How do you decide what chalk drawings you’re going to create? Do you typically have a certain subject in mind?
The great thing about chalk is the ephemeral quality. I don’t feel I have to be over critical of or overthink my ideas because in the end, it will wash away. For this reason, I really like to take the opportunity to just have fun. This week, I’m planning to use bright colors to draw recognizable paintings that I’ll tweak to get a few laughs.

4. What are you most looking forward to as The Arts Partnership’s featured artist for ChalkFest?
I feel so honored to have been invited as the Artist-in-Residence for ChalkFest this year. I’ve never been to the area, so I am really looking forward to visiting Fargo, but it’s always most exciting to interact with the community through art. The past chalk festivals I’ve been involved in have brought many smiles and I’m hoping to find the same energy here!

Chalk art by Chelsie Liberati.

We’re looking forward to spending the week with Chelsie and showcasing amazing chalk drawing skills around the Fargo-Moorhead community!

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