Revolutionary Art, Music, and Food: Fully Experiencing the Theme of The 58th Midwestern


The Rourke is bringing a revolution to Moorhead.

Or, more specifically, a revolution-themed exhibit to commemorate the 58th annual Midwestern Exhibition.

The Midwestern opens Sunday, June 18th at the Rourke Art Museum with a special preview from 2-5 p.m.

“Revolution” by Richard Borge. Photo courtesy of the Rourke.

Cady Mittlestadt, the Rouke’s Gallery Manager and chair of the Midwestern, spoke about giving guests a complete experience. Attendees to the special preview on Sunday will experience the new exhibition enhanced by the music of a jazz/hip hop combo and locally made food and drink.

The Midwestern’s “Revolution” theme was initially inspired by the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Many artists are also bringing politics, environmental issues, and international affairs into the scope of the theme.

This is the effect Mittlestadt hoped for.

“Revolution is an easy entry point for artists to interpret anything they are passionate about,” she says.

“Turbulance” by Carl Oltvedt. Photo courtesy of the Rourke.

The Midwestern commemorates the opening of The Rourke in 1960, and every show brings something new.

Curator Jonathan Rutter noted a few trends among the pieces artists submitted this year. Many were done in a larger, heroic scale to fit with the theme of Revolution.

There were also more photography and paintings submitted, with fewer sculptures and prints than previous years.

“Revolving Winds” by Jay Hopkins. Photo courtesy of the Rourke.

Because the press has always had a vital role in revolution, the judges for this year’s award ceremony will be a panel of journalists.

The theme “Revolution” is explored in as many ways as possible, even through the awards that will be given out at the ceremony on Sunday. Using a 3D printer, the medals have undergone a new fabrication process to make them new, innovative, and worthy of the theme “Revolution.”

Tickets to the 58th Midwestern are $30 for general admission, $15 for members, and will be available at the door. Visitors can view the Midwestern through September 3. For more information on the Rourke, visit therourke.org.

“However Measured or Far Away” by Aaron Holz. Photo courtesy of the Rourke.

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