Spirit Room Celebrates 20th Anniversary With “The Norns” and “Roots” Exhibitions

The Spirit Room shared the following information on its upcoming celebration of “The Norns: Weaving Our Stories”:

A Spirit Room project titled, “The Norns: Weaving our Stories,” is multi-facetted series of events planned to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Spirit Room. The subject is the Norse mythic characters, The Norns, a Scandinavian equivalent of the Fates.

The Norns are depicted as three women weaving the past, present and future together.  Incorporating another image, they weave under the Tree of Life, a common symbol from around the world.  In the case of Norse mythology, the Norns water the Tree while the serpent, Nidhogg, gnaws at the roots. Other references to the Norns are found in Wagner’s Ring Series and in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

In Gallery II, an exhibit of drawings and paintings by Bulgarian artist Milena Marinov will be shown, titled “Roots,” traditional eastern European artwork depicting the Tree of Life. A reception for Milena will be held on April 27th between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

In Gallery I, a group exhibit on the theme of the Norns will be held with many local visual artists participating including Lynn Fundingsland, Thom Tammaro, Kim Bromley, Cameron Peterson and Laura Forgie.

A program and reception will be held on Saturday, April 29th beginning at 6:30 with music by Ben Ranson, followed by an enchanting experience with Nora Wallace. A short film will be shown by veteran filmmaker, Charles Nauman of Veblin, South Dakota, titled, “Out of the Caldron-The Norns.”

A special event created for the Spirit Room by Kari Tauring of Minneapolis begins at 8:30 in the Lotus Studio, titled, “The Spin and the Weave.” Kari Tauring, as quoted by Markus Krueger, “is the foremost Norse storyteller outside of Europe.”

Kari Tauring portrait. “Cold Water Peeking.” Photo courtesy of the Spirit Room.

Find out more about Kari at www.karitauring.com.

All events are free and open to the public. For more information go to Facebook or to www.spiritroom.net.

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