Spirit Room Hosts Closing Reception for “Beyond Home” Exhibit Wednesday

An upcoming reception at the Spirit Room on Wednesday the 8th will be the last chance to see Beyond Home, a collection of artwork from the North Dakota Museum of Art’s permanent collection.

This is a diverse and inclusive collection, at once both familiar and foreign, full of expressive portraits of both local and international settings.

Three of the artists are United States citizens, while the rest hail from ten different countries. Nostalgia and commemoration are factors in this exhibition, but so are complicated family histories, political upheaval, and grief over people and places lost to time.

Photographer Juan Manuel Eschavarria of Bogata, Columbia has a Type C print on display from his Requiem Non Nombre (No Name) Series, which depict the graves of nameless casualties of Columbia’s Civil War. Another photo—a gelatin silver print—was taken by Alberto Korda, Fidel Castro’s personal photographer, during a trip along the East Coast in 1959. It depicts Castro admiring the Lincoln Memorial.

Photo courtesy of the Spirit Room.

Another Type C print, “The Undershirt,” is not the work of New York artist Marcelo Brodsky, whose name is beside it, but of Argentinian photographer Victor Bastera. It is the last photo of Brodsky’s deceased brother, Fernando, taken in a concentration camp in the School of Mechanics of the Navy. Bastera, also a hostage in that camp, smuggled the photograph out when he escaped.

Among the most unique pieces is “The Working Life of Bees: The Sixth Sense,” a house made out of honeycomb, beeswax, and plexiglass. This was built by Aganetha Dyck of Winnipeg, Manitoba. A set of three stuffed goatskins, called “Three Selachas,” were made by artist Elias Sime. This practice is a long-standing tradition in Sime’s homeland.

Despite the panels explaining the stories behind the pieces, many of them carry a sense of mystery. There is more to these environments than what meets the eye: enough to hold your attention as you look beyond this glimpse of what the artist calls home.

Photo courtesy of the Spirit Room.

The reception is on 6pm Wednesday with a gallery talk at 6:30pm. All are welcome to attend. For more information, contact the Spirit Room at (701) 237-0230.

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