TAP Partner and Grantee Ashley Kunz Launches Art Scavenger Hunt

Primary Artist Partner and grantee Ashley Kunz announced a fun way to add art to your collection! This Saturday, she launches FM Art Drop, a scavenger hunt for FREE artwork.

Kunz has chosen four different locations in the Metro and will do one art drop every week for the next four weeks. She’ll post an image of the artwork on her Facebook page Ashley Kunz – Autumn in December and give clues to the location in the FM Art Drop event page on the day of each scavenger hunt. Once artwork is found, it will be clearly marked with #fmartdrop on the front along with other information.

Kunz  wanted to do an art drop “because it’s a different way to get the community engaged in the arts,” she said. “The other reason is because people tell me all the time they can’t afford to purchase original art. I wanted to give people the opportunity to get a painting for free.”

The first art drop is at 5:30pm this Saturday (May 20). Her work is colorful and at least 20 x 20 inches, so hopefully that will make the pieces easy (but not too easy) to find!

The first painting in the FM Art Drop series. Photo courtesy of Ashley Kunz.

Other FM Art Drop dates are May 29, June 4 and June 13. Be sure to “like” her Facebook page Ashley Kunz – Autumn in December and click “going” on the FM Art Drop event to participate and get more information. Happy searching!

This project was funded in part by an Individual Arts Partnership grant from The Arts Partnership.

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