The Wise and Witty Judy Rae Brings Comedic Singing to Fargo

One day while walking down the streets of Maryland, Judy Rae stumbled across a store full of broken guitars, and decided that for $35, she would buy one and fix it up. She turned out to be a natural when it came to the instrument, and as time went on, she began singing. It wasn’t until later in life, however, that she integrated comedy into her music.

As a young woman, Judy was frustrated with the image she was supposed to have while being in the music business, so one day she came up with a stage character. Rae called herself “Tawdry Audrey,” and sang original songs that taunted the “Marilyn Monroe” image she was supposed to have.

“Humor can heal people,” Rae says. She’s stuck with comedic singing since then.

Her show at 7 p.m. Friday at the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo will feature her Comedic Singing along with various storytelling and stand up comedy pieces thrown into the mix.

When Judy isn’t doing special shows like the one this Friday, she stays busy by playing events around Fargo at places like the Red Raven and Rhombus Guys. She also goes to Friendship, a home for elders with disabilities, and sings songs with them.

Photo courtesy of Martin Jonason.

One of Judy’s favorite pastimes is to sing with children, which she does once a month at the YMCA in North Fargo. If Judy isn’t busy performing she is working at Swanson Health on a campaign called, “Laugh your Acid Off” which promotes laughing to help balance your bodies PH levels in a more natural and healthy way.

One of Judy’s goals for her future is to get rid of stigmas surrounding the older generation. She says, “Older people so often get dismissed solely because they are old and seen as grumpy.”

She adds that she wants to prove elders are in fact, “wise and witty.” Her hopes are to walk into a show and have people say, “Grandma’s here, its time to laugh!”

Judy Rae: Songs, Stories and Comedy is in the Lotus Room at the Spirit Room, located at 111 Broadway. Admission is $5 at the door.

For more information, visit spiritroom.net.

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