Partner Page Update

Please read this form thoroughly. For questions email communications coordinator Ethan Mickelson at
  • Include name of business if applicable and identify if you would like to be listed with first and last name included as well - and in what order - (Jeff Knight/Cereal or Cereal/Jeff Knight for example). Keep in mind that a first and last name will also help the public and our staff more easily identify you.
  • Some tips to follow

    This page is a gallery for the public to browse our diverse range of artists. Visually appealing images that illustrate your primary medium are preferred. Logos may make sense for some, while headshots might be relevant for musicians or if no one piece of work accurately portrays your art form. Watermarked images are accepted.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    Image dimensions must be 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels (square) with a minimum file size of 100 KB and maximum of 50 MB. If the image currently published is suitable please skip this section. ***We reserve the right to crop and request alternate photos as needed.
  • Facebook or Instagram are acceptable.
  • This is the place to show some diversity if you work with various media. We are open to each unique interpretation (such as "solutions-based design" from Giraffic Media for example) but try to keep this as simple as possible. Separate media with commas and limit to one line of 50 characters.
  • We welcome your feedback! Further development is contingent upon partner involvement so please stay in touch.