Welcome to the new, improved TAP website

It’s an exciting time for The Arts Partnership as we publicly launch our revitalized website and get used to the new functionality.

Designed by Giraffic Media‘s Andrea Engebretson, TAP’s new site is built with our partner artists, organizations, businesses, donors, volunteers and donors in mind. 

The best way to get to know the new site is to poke around a bit. The easier navigation and fewer pages is intended to help us all maintain a clean, clear vision as we usher in a new era for the arts sector that is more and more digitally focused (much like other areas of our lives).

Partner sections

Just like our old site, the Partner section of the new site is specifically for those artists and arts organizations who are TAP members in good standing (meaning they’ve paid their annual dues; and if not, there’s a friendly button that guides them to a place where they can register and/or renew as soon as possible). 

Also in this section is our Partner Directory where you can find artists and arts organizations’ contact information and external links to their online presence.

Donor pages

We’ve simplified the online donation process using a secure, automated third-party service that specializes in managing monetary donations for nonprofits. It’s the same system we used on the old site, only this time we’ve just eliminated a lot of the up-front explanation. We think the donor experience is pretty intuitive, but let us know if you think differently! We’re shooting for progress, not perfection.


Perhaps the most exciting new area for partner artists, organizations and individuals and entities looking for grant opportunities is our ArtsHub. In this area, users can find all sorts of resources, grant and funding opportunities (and how to apply for them), the blog, job openings in the arts sector and much more. We encourage your feedback as we continue to make this section of the site as useful as possible for our members. 

Aptitude and ArtWORKS

Programs like Aptitude and ArtWORKS have their own pages on the new site, alongside our CSA program, which by the way, is the longest-running Community Supported Arts program in the United States. 


Because we all love to shop, we’ve spruced up our Shop page so you can buy all the #SupportLocalArt merch for you, your family and your friends. Nothing makes a better gift! You can also browse creations by partner artists!

Of course, we have put more emphasis on our newsletter subscription, too, because as we continue to do a few things and do them well (rather than do a lot of thinks just OK), we won’t be posting as frequently here on the blog. So it’s important that you sign up for our newsletter, which will deliver to your inbox regularly!

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

We hope you like the new TAP website as much as we do. Not only is it super pretty, but it’s pretty functional, too. However, we do welcome your feedback at any time. Email your comments and suggestions for the new website to communications@theartspartnership.net.

Cheers and #SupportLocalArt!





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