APT, a creative incubator, is a demonstration space in downtown Fargo for our thriving local art scene. This includes studio spaces, gallery walls and rental areas for arts workshops, classes, rehearsals, performances and more. Check us out on Facebook!

Click here for a complete listing of rental costs for gallery walls, short-term rentals and the public areas.

Interested in a studio? We still have a few left, and we’d love to talk with you further about renting a permanent space. Contact TAP ED Dayna Del Val at dayna@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133 to schedule a tour.

Background on APT:

The Arts Partnership started working with Kilbourne Group in the summer of 2016 and has entered into an agreement to manage over 12,000 square-feet of the former MEPS building at 225 4th Ave. N. in Fargo for two-years.

We call the space APT because not only will it provide a suitable environment for many creatives to thrive, but in a nurturing, shared, safe and creative environment, individual artists of all types will grow their own artistry, get more recognition of their art and join a communal artistic practice of excellence that also serves the larger community through programming, access to the arts and by providing a gathering location in a highly creative space.

APT will be home to 25+ artists of all kinds, including visual, performing, literary, culinary, design and more. In addition, there are two major public spaces for creating business- and community-wide events and programming as well as large meeting rooms that will be excellent rental spaces for the business sector.

For years, The Arts Partnership has endeavored to help the FM metro understand the real value of investing in the arts in a deeper way. We know that it works fabulously in other communities, and now we are going to see what it can and will do here.

When the arts are supported and flourishing in a community:

  • It’s easier to attract and retain employees and new business
  • They create a positive sense of place and help define neighborhoods and districts
  • They foster a creative class of employees and citizens, which is good for everyone
  • They bring a dynamic vibrancy that extends far beyond their physical space
  • They are an economic engine in their own right

Contacts:  Dayna Del Val, Executive Director of The Arts Partnership 701.237.6133 or dayna@theartspartnership.net -or-Jeff Knight, APT manager 701.809.4103 or jeffknightis@gmail.com 

The mission of The Arts Partnership is to cultivate the arts in the community.

The mission of APT is to provide a creative, collaborative and safe place for artists to make art and for the community to collide with it.

Some of the APT studio artists enjoying pizza and cookies together.

A celebratory gathering of Individual Arts Partnership grantees and funders at APT.

Painting with chalkboard paint while others cheer on the pull ups–a leftover piece of the military requirements when APT was a military entrance procession station.

APT studio culinary artist Nancy Olson preparing an apple pie as part of our time-lapsed video for our Pi Day event on March 14, 2017.

Welcome to APT!

At the FMWF Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at APT. February 2017.

The final product of Pi Day. Yum!