Grants, Stipends and Funding for Partner Artists and Organizations

Our grant programs are an investment in the people, institutions, programs and projects that contribute to the health and well-being of our community at large. These funds make the arts more accessible, sustain a vibrant arts sector and recognize excellence in the arts.

In June 2024, we awarded $116,000 in grants. 

About Our Grants

City Arts Partnership Grants

Funded by the Tri-Cities, these grants provide foundational support for the Metro’s larger and longer-lived nonprofit arts organizations.  Together, these vital arts entities provide programs, performances and services that annually reach a regional audience of more than 750,000.

Community Cultivation Grants

Funded by the Tri-Cities, these grants provide program or project support to local nonprofit arts organizations that make an important contribution to the arts and cultural landscape of our community. 

Individual Artist Grants

These grants support artists, performers, writers and other culture bearers at any career stage, helping them realize their artistic vision, improve their artistic skills and build sustainable careers.  Funding for the grants comes from individual donors, the Susie Yakowicz Creative Arts Scholarship Fund of the FM Area Foundation, the Moorhead PEOs and the Erin Koffler Memorial Fund.

Art for All Grants

Art for All Grants are available to health and human services nonprofits that do not have an arts-related mission but wish to incorporate the arts into their mission-based work. The program is funded by Choice Bank and other corporations.

Other Support

The Arts Partnership has other programs to support arts organizations and individual artists, culture bearers and creative workers.



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Tania Blanich - Director of Operations - The Arts Partnership