TAP programs are educational, entertaining, and engage the entire community in a world of art right here in the Fargo-Moorhead region. 

From our unique arts co-op located in West Acres Mall to our three annual Community Supported Art (CSA) parties, TAP programs always cultivate community through the arts. 

Money we receive as part of our programming supports local artists and arts organizations through our grants and stipends.

Aptitude Creative Studios

An artist co-op located in West Acres Mall where regional creators rent studios and open them up to the public most Saturdays.

Community Supported Art (CSA)

Inspired by Community Supported Agriculture, CSA shareholders receive the best in local food, entertainment and take-home art during all three events that make up the annual season.


A program that brings art to local businesses. Exhibiting artists receive a stipend and exposure in non-traditional art spaces.


Supporting the arts sector with grants for artists and arts organizations.

Looking for a way to be part of local arts?

The Arts Partnership welcomes input in the success and growth of the arts in the Metro. If you have a great idea for an initiative that could support artists and arts organizations in our community, we want to hear from you!




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Contact our Communications team for story ideas, events and other arts-related happenings.


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Tania Blanich is the Arts Partnership’s Director of Operations


Tania Blanich - Director of Operations - The Arts Partnership