Energize Employees and Clients with ArtWORKS in Your Business

ArtWORKS brings rotating art exhibits by local artists to participating businesses.

It’s harder than ever to attract and retain employees and to get them to come back to the office. ArtWORKS is one fabulous way to do just that.

Many employees say the art switch-out days are among their favorite work days of the year; the excitement and anticipation for what art is going up next is palpable. New exhibits provide opportunities for employees to gather together, find common ground in shared favorite pieces and get to know each other as people beyond their job titles. All of this goes a long way towards making employees feel valued.

Additionally, ArtWORKS provides local art that beautifies your public areas and opens up conversation opportunities with clients, customers, guests and more.

“ArtWORKS makes you feel more at home.”

Benefits of Art in the Workplace

ArtWORKS is not just a simple, affordable way to beautify an office space. It’s also a simple way to enhance the employee and client experience. 

Businesses that host ArtWORKS:

  • Support local artists and arts organizations
  • Design spaces employees and clients truly enjoy
When FBS moved into our new building in 2021, it was important to us to choose art that had a connection to our work, our customers, and our community. We love the variety of art we've been able to host, and it's a key part of the building tour when we have visiting Board members or employees in Fargo. ~ Kendra O'Brien, Director of Customer Success
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Choice Bank
Employees at the bank love the rotating art exhibits, and instead of water cooler conversations, we’re having local art conversations. ~Shelley Szudera, Assistant Vice President of Brand and Marketing
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We have seen many benefits of supporting local art this way, mainly around employee satisfaction. ~Cairn Reisch, Community Relations Manager
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Office Sign Company
ArtWORKS has brought an appreciative, creative atmosphere to our downtown office.​
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How to Participate in ArtWORKS

Host businesses generally receive four rotating exhibits but staff are happy to work out an exhibition schedule that works best for the business.

Participating Artists

Kenneth Andersen

Jacqueline Anderson

Kim Bromley   

Emily Brooks

Donna Chalimoncyk

Britt Dalice

Kayla Due

Michael Dunn

Tara Fermoyle 

Char-Marie Flood

Lynn Fundingsland

Nicole Gagner 

Gallery 4 Artists

Annie Goldade

Zhimin Guan

Alicia Hauff   

Anna Johnson 

Eric Johnson

Megan Johnson

Jenny Junker   

Ashley Kunz    

Tim Lamey

Joe Larson

Thaddeus Laugisch      

Anna Lee        

Brandi Malarkey

Ann Arbor Miller

Leigh Edwards Nelson

Karena Ness        

W. Scott Olsen

John Paulson

Cameron Peterson

Carol Rogne

Marcella Rose 

Bob Schlomann

Carol Schlossman

Scott Seiler     

Jon Solinger

Trudy Stubson

Hope Thier

Franklin Ugochukwu

Lowell Wolff

Laura Youngbird

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