ArtWORKS, the arts + employee engagement

Employees concentrating on drawing Einstein upside down by thinking only about colors and shapes with artist Emily Williams-Wheeler.


ArtWORKS fosters creativity and mindfulness by placing art in the public realm. This program of The Arts Partnership encourages partnerships between businesses and individual artists by providing opportunities for Metro area and regional artists to display their work in the conference rooms, lobbies and office spaces of local companies. The partnership benefits the company, which is exposed to new elements of creativity and inspiration, and the artist, who is exposed to new audiences.

Businesses select from three levels of participation – Exhibit, Engage and Cultivate.

Exhibit – $1,000 annually

  • Full year of exhibitions in your workplace
  • 8-12 artworks by a single artist per quarter
  • Curatorial selection and coordination support from The Arts Partnership
  • Prepaid artist stipends ($50 per artist, paid by The Arts Partnership)


Looking for team-building activities for your employees? Accomplish the goals of Office Olympics or sports outings with art!

Engage – $3,000 annually

  • Full year of exhibitions in your workplace
  • 8-12 artworks by a single artist per trimester
  • Artist talk and employee engagement activity, with reception (not necessarily by the exhibiting artist)
  • Curatorial selection and coordination support from The Arts Partnership
  • Prepaid artist stipends ($75 per exhibiting artist and $175 per artist leading employee engagement, paid by The Arts Partnership)

Cultivate – $5,000 per event

  •  Full arts immersion day for up to 20 staff members
  • Visits to art and cultural institutions
  • Artist engagement activity
  • Coordination by The Arts Partnership, in collaboration with your designated staff liaison
  • Included: Breakfast and lunch, transportation and entrance fees
  • Additional staff members at $50 each


For additional details, contact Director of Operations Tania Blanich at Tania@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133.


Employees drawing each other without looking at their paper.

As an employee of a company that sponsors ArtWORKS, I have seen benefits in surprising places. We have such a broad variety of roles within our company it can sometimes be hard to find common ground- what does a graphic designer have in common with a company lawyer, or an accountant or member of I.T.? Art! It has been wonderful to see people making new connections and getting excited about the events surrounding ArtWORKS. ~a TMI Hospitality employee


Close up of one Einstein in progress. How does taking the “art” out of drawing help you use your brain differently?


Artist Ann Arbor Miller helped employees think about how to frame a small, meaningful section of something much larger and how that applies to their work lives, too.

I believe this program has also encouraged our team to take a stronger interest in their work. Being surrounded by beautiful and interesting things inspires positive and creative energy that seeps into our everyday tasks. I see the excitement that surrounds the opening of each new exhibit. It is talked about and anticipated as soon as the invitation goes out, and the effects of people enjoying are witnessed as long as it is hanging. It has added greatly to our company culture – we feel more connected to the community and to each other. I really can’t say enough about ArtWORKS!  ~a TMI Hospitality employee

Building a creative community, encouraging imagination in the workplace and fostering creative agency for all leads to a more vibrant, more active society.

Employees lay down pieces of maps that will be the background for artist Steve Knutson’s painting.

The supplemental activities were great. It allowed our team to flex their creative muscles and participate in a group activity outside of the normal day-to-day responsibilities we all have. ~ a Myriad Mobile employee