Energize Employees and Clients with ArtWORKS in Your Business

ArtWORKS is a program that brings rotating art exhibits, music concerts and performance art by local artists to participating businesses. It’s a great way for companies to both support local art and create an engaging employee experience. 

ARtWORKS also helps emerging and established regional artists showcase their work throughout the business community. Artists receive a stipend for their participation in ArtWORKS.

“ArtWORKS makes you feel more at home.”

Tanner Tweten, Element Hotel, Fargo Tweet

Benefits of Art in the Workplace

ArtWORKS is not just a simple, affordable way to beautify an office space. It’s also a simple way to enhance the employee and client experience. 

Businesses that host ArtWORKS:

  • Support local artists and arts organizations
  • Design spaces employees truly enjoy
ArtWORKS has brought an appreciative, creative atmosphere to our downtown office.
Office Sign Company

How to Participate in ArtWORKS

Host businesses receive four rotating exhibits or performances per year.

Current and Former ArtWORKS Artists

Jacqueline Anderson

Kim Baird

Kim Bromley    

Donna  Chalimoncyk

Virginia Dambach

Clare Degerness

Designing Quilters

Ellen Diederich

Cindy Downs    

Mark Elton       

Tara Fermoyle  

Nicole Gagner  

Annie Goldade 

Zhimin Guan    

Mark Holter     

Anna Johnson  

Eric Johnson

Dan Jones        

Jenny Junker    

Dan Koeck       

Ashley Kunz     

Tim Lamey

Joe Larson       

Thaddeus Laugisch       

Anna Lee         

Brett Lysne      

Brandi Malarkey

Ann Arbor Miller         

W. Scott Olsen

John Paulson   

Ross Rolsholven

Marcella Rose  

Bob Schlomann

Elizabeth Schwankl       

Scott Seiler      

Jon Solinger

Meg Spielman Peldo    

Lana Suomala  

Hope Thier      

Sharon Traylor 

Franklin Ugochukwu     

Emily Williams-Wheeler

Milt Yergens

Contact Tania

Tania Blanich is the Arts Partnership’s Director of Operations

Tania Blanich - Director of Operations - The Arts Partnership