Employee engagement activity with Scott Seiler at Office Sign Company
Zhimin Guan at Fargo Hector Airport
Scott Seiler at Office Sign Company
Ashley Kunz at the Fargo Forum
Employee engagement activity with Ashley Kunz at the Fargo Forum
Steve Knutson at TMI Hospitality
Steve Knutson Painting - Art WORKS - The Arts Partnership - Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo
Employee engagement activity with Steve Knutson at TMI Hospitality
"The Cows Show" at Fargo Hector Airport
Drawing - Art WORKS - The Arts Partnership - Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo
Employee engagement activity with Mandel Mertz at TMI Hospitality

Your employees spend a fourth of their time within your office walls. Make that time more meaningful and fun!

We work with your business to install dynamic exhibits of local and regional artwork in your workspace. We also offer the option of bringing in local artists to do an art project with your employees. Get creative while fostering teamwork, meaningful connections, a sense of belonging, boosted productivity and higher office morale through art.

We are confident that any ArtWORKS package you choose will create a positive, welcoming work environment for your employees and clients!

ArtWORKS is about

  • Creating a space that energizes your employees and gives them an excited buzz of anticipation when new work is installed
  • Trying something new
  • Learning new skills
  • Discovering hidden talents
  • Finding common ground with clients
  • Considering different perspectives

Participate in ArtWORKS

  • Rotating art exhibits include 4 exhibits per year
  • Rotating art exhibits with employee engagement activities – 3 exhibits + 3 engagements per year
  • Art day outing – Schedule a full-day or half-day outing for your employees, including hands-on art activities, tours of public art, visits to museums and more! Pricing dependent on number of participants.
  • Customized programs – The Arts Partnership will work with you to craft a program that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Video tour inside the newest host of ArtWORKS – Element Hotel in Fargo (watch it on Instagram)

Check out this reflection from Fargo Stuff/Office Sign Company about their experience with ArtWORKS.

“As a business that supports the arts and this community, we’re truly grateful for The Arts Partnership’s delivery of this program. ArtWORKS has brought an appreciative, creative atmosphere to the downtown office of FargoStuff, and we’re all anticipating the next local artist’s work that will paint our walls.” – Rylee Wznick

For additional details and pricing, contact Director of Operations Tania Blanich at tania@theartspartnership.net or 701.237.6133.

You can also read this article in Fargo, Inc. for more information about ArtWORKS.

If you are a local artist interested in applying to be part of the program, you can find more information on our ongoing ArtWORKS Call for Artists.

Still not sure if ArtWORKS is a good fit for your workspace? Read the testimonials below from employees of former ArtWORKS clients, TMI Hospitality and Myriad Mobile: