What is Community Supported Art (CSA)?

Looking for a fun way to engage with local art? Purchase a Community Supported Art share!

Much like Community Supported Agriculture programs, our Community Supported Art (CSA) program has 50 shares available per season, but instead of a basket of vegetables, you get art experiences.

Each share includes access to three parties in May, July and September. You and a guest will enjoy visual, performance and culinary art experiences at each event.

CSA is social

At each CSA event, you’ll meet the artists, learn about their processes, and then get a piece of visual art to take home with you as part of your share! You also get to meet other arts supporters and reconnect with friends.

CSA is artistic

CSA is for arts supporters, people interested in getting to know our arts community better, people who love the idea of an “art sampler surprise,” high-end art collectors, people just starting to think about beginning an art collection, people who love amazing food and wine, people who love to directly support artists, people who are committed to the idea of “local” and more.

CSA is shareable

Want to share your share?  Up to three of you can split a share, so that each of you plus a guest can attend one party in the season. You can also split a share in half, but don’t ask us how you will determine who gets which pieces of art – that’s your fight!

CSA is affordable

To put the price of a CSA share price in perspective, painter Dan Jones’ art routinely sells for $1,000 or more. In 2020, Dan created 50 individual pieces for shareholders. That was just one art experience of the nine that shareholders received that year. As one CSA supporter told us recently,

“I love being part of The Arts Partnership’s CSA program because it feels like Christmas and date night rolled into one. What a fun way to support local art in our community!”

Anyone can buy a CSA share.  Email Tania Blanich if you’re interested in buying a share.

When you buy a share of CSA you are buying access to three parties for you and a guest, each of which includes:

  • a performance from a local musician, poet, actor, etc.
  • a piece of visual art to take home
  • culinary art from a local chef
  • wine sampling from Bernie’s Wine and Liquors
  • non-alcoholic beverages
  • artist talks
  • access to a community of other art lovers

We work hard each season to ensure that shareholders get an interesting range of take-home art and performances – and that each season feels unique from prior seasons.  For example, this season featured a first-for-us spoken word performance, a jazz singer and an Americana group, with take-home art by printmaker Eric Johnson, ceramicist Kelli Sinner, painter Dan Jones and illustrator Mark Elton.

Absolutely. CSA shares make a unique gift for the art lovers in your life. 

Each share is $500 for the full package
OR $300 if you want to enjoy the food, drink and performances but not the take home art pieces

Yes! $300 if you want to enjoy the food, drink and performances but not the take home art pieces.

The Arts Partnership purchased the Community Supported Art template from Springboard for the Arts in Saint Paul and adapted it to best fit our community.

To view art from previous Community Supported Art seasons, click here.